NORTHWOOD Primary School children experienced life as a wartime evacuee — learning about air-raid sirens, gas masks and ration books.

Parents visited the school last Thursday, where they watched children sing songs about the Second World War and admired model air-raid shelters they had built.

The children then hopped on Southern Vectis' Old Girl — the oldest double-decker bus in the UK still in service — and headed to the Isle of Wight Military Museum.

Teacher Jacqui Burrows said: "Excitedly we clambered on with our gas mask boxes, ration bags and teddy bears. Luckily the sun shone for us and, after our farewells, we enjoyed a ride around Cowes before arriving at the museum."

The children were given a guided tour of the museum and enjoyed climbing into a range of armoured vehicles.

Bert, an actual wartime evacuee, regaled the Year 6 group with his experiences.

Wartime lunches were wrapped in greaseproof paper and packed in ration bags, and included wartime honey biscuits baked in school the day before.

Ms Burrows said: "It was a memorable and exciting day for all of us. Thank you to the museum and to Southern Vectis for making it possible. We would like to pass on our gratitude to our hosts at the museum — Bert, Graham, David, Patrick and Ernie — for a wonderful day out."

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