MEDINA Marching Band members were honoured to represent the Isle of Wight at the Lord Mayor's Show in London on Saturday.

They took 61 musicians and five support staff, travelling up on the Friday night to prepare for an early start the next day.

Kevin Downer, band vice chairman, said: "We had a fantastic time. Everything went to plan and it was an honour to take part and represent the Island in such a prestigious event.

"We stayed at the Brentwood Imperial Youth Marching Band headquarters as they kindly let us take over their premises for the night, so we were nearby on the Saturday morning.

"The parade kicked off at 11am and we made it on to the BBC One live broadcast, where the Isle of Wight got a mention.

"It was an experience we will all never forget, lining up alongside some of the best military bands in the world such as HM Royal Marines, RAF, and the Household Division Guards' bands to name just a few.

"We returned back to the Island on the 7pm Wightlink ferry, which gave us time to prepare for another big gig in our calendar — Remembrance Sunday parade in Brighstone.

"There are lots of people and local businesses to thank for helping fund our travel as the organisers of the event do not pay expenses.

"In particular we thank Wightlink for providing free ferry travel for our two coaches and Luton van which transports all our gear around, and ALS Travel for providing the coaches at a discounted rate."

Keith Greenfield, Wightlink chief executive, said: “Medina Marching Band gave a terrific performance at the Lord Mayor’s Show last weekend and certainly did the Isle of Wight proud."