ISLE of Wight Conservative Party candidate Bob Seely has welcomed his party’s national Armistice Day announcement — offering more support for the armed forces.

The Conservative Party has pledged a package of measures to support military personnel, including a pledge to guarantee public sector job interviews for veterans, extra childcare for armed forces families, to cut the jobs tax for veterans and introduce a new railcard specifically for veterans and change the law to protect veterans from baseless historic litigation.

Mr Seely said: “The Island has strong connections to all three armed services. I am delighted we have a really meaningful package to improve conditions for serving men and women.

"Looking after servicemen and women is an important duty for Government.

“Critically, we will do everything in our power to stop the vexatious and seeming less endless attempts to bring legal claims against soldiers who served in previous campaigns.

“At this time of year, we remember all those who fell in conflict. I remember comrades from recent campaigns. I remember my two Isle of Wight kinsman who fell in the First World War (IW Rifles and the Hampshire Regiment), my grandad killed in the Second World War (South Notts Hussars), and my German grandmother, killed as a civilian by the Soviets.”

Prior to being the Island’s MP, Mr Seely was a soldier.

He served on the last four British Army campaigns and was awarded a Military MBE in 2016.

He added: “It is a fundamental responsibility of Government to keep its people safe and to do that it must look after those it asks to stand on the front line — often in harm’s way — defending our national security.

"A Conservative Government will continue to look after our armed forces and I welcome this announcement as, I am sure, will the great many service men and women and ex-military personnel I meet.”