LABOUR'S General Election candidate has asked Bob Seely to help release a parliamentary report into Russian interference in British politics.

Parliament's intelligence and security committee has completed its report on the role of the Russian state during the Brexit referendum, but Downing Street has said it will not be published until after the General Election — a decision described as 'jaw-dropping' by the committee chair.

The move was yesterday (Monday) criticised by Hilary Clinton, who has spoken about Russian interference in her 2016 US presidential campaign, as 'damaging, inexplicable and shaming.'

Labour candidate Richard Quigley, who hopes to become the Isle of Wight's next MP, asked Mr Seely to take the matter up with Conservative Party leaders to ensure the report was published before the election.

In a letter to Mr Seely, he said: "The committee heard evidence of strong links between Russia and the Vote Leave campaign in 2016. It also, as you know, heard further evidence of significant funds flowing from Moscow to the Conservative Party via wealthy Russians with connections to Putin.

"I know you will be deeply concerned that the evidence of Russian interference in both our politics generally, and your Conservative Party specifically, should be made public as a matter of urgency.

"You will agree citizens should be able to cast their votes on December 12 with full knowledge of the Russian influence you have rightly been warning us all about for the last two years."

However, he was given short shrift by Mr Seely, who told the County Press: "Richard should focus on things that are important to people, like getting Brexit sorted and then delivering on the peoples’ priorities — health, police, education and the economy.

"I will be campaigning on my achievements in the past two and a half years, and outlining a positive plan for the future.

"It's clear Labour don’t have a vision or agenda for either Islanders or the British people, hence their need for conspiracy theories.

“Let’s get Brexit done and then deliver on the peoples’ priorities — both nationally and here on the Island.”