FIXED link campaigner Carl Feeney has confirmed he will stand in the General Election.

He said last week he was considering standing — and suggested everyone should have an annual health 'MOT' or face losing access to NHS services.

Mr Feeney has now confirmed he will stand as an Independent Network (IN) candidate.

The IN is a national organisation. Mr Feeney said he had visited its Westminster office to discuss political support and endorsement, and had agreed to work together.

Mr Feeney has called for a no-deal Brexit and an Island Manifesto as well as a fixed link.

He said: "My Brexit stance is 'out.' The damage the Conservatives have inflicted on our relationship with the EU is irretrievable. The Brexit chaos has discredited and embarrassed us worldwide.

"To now stay would be folly. We’d never be taken seriously, anywhere.

"Sadly, a no-deal Brexit is the only option — the quickest and eventually most productive. They will be clambering to do deals with us after we leave.

"Added to that, of course, we did democratically vote to leave." Best known as a fixed link campaigner, property landlord and businessman Mr Feeney has called for the building of a 'Solent Freedom Tunnel.'

He said: "Many on the Island may recognise my name because of the fixed link campaign I’ve spearheaded for the last five years.

"This campaign also includes implementing further infrastructure, such as the Medina vehicular crossing and an immersed pedestrian/cycleway tunnel to replace the Cowes chain ferry.

"It will create an Island that gives the young opportunities, the elderly healthcare and the economy such a boon that we will live on an exclusive Island — not an excluded one.

"I disagree with London-based national manifestos imposed on the Island, with no apparent understanding of how different our needs are.

"We suffer from isolation, crazy housing quotas, defective infrastructure. It’s as if these main parties have no care for us.

"No one else is prepared to offer genuine change. The Island has suffered historically from either ineffective or self-motivated non-Islander representation at Westminster.

"I’m not a career politician. My motivation is to offer freedom, transparency and hard work from an Islander."


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