From Dr Jane Bowskill, Binstead:

IW COUNCIL leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, admitted to me that the only way the council can raise funds is to continue to hammer motorists, as they can’t get revenue from anywhere else, having raised the council tax to its maximum.

To be unable to park in Newport to visit a theatre and a restaurant is lunacy (CP letters, 01-11-19), as is the charge to park overnight in many areas.

Tourists pay a lot to get here, and then are fleeced again if they go to the beach for a day. Ventnor seafront was free not that long ago.

I was misled by a sign in Ryde, where parking was reserved for coaches only between noon and 3pm.

Unfortunately the sign stating this was several yards away from this space.

I believe the signage is deliberately confusing to maximise their revenue.

When I appealed, the council said they didn’t want too many signs cluttering the street.