Here we go again! On December 12 we are to have yet another election, and despite there having been a referendum on membership of the European Union in 2016 and then a General Election in 2017, we are told this General Election will finally get Brexit sorted....but will it?

As I didn’t vote in the EU referendum, didn’t vote at the recent EU elections, and won’t be voting at this election, I am in the perfect position to give a completely unbiased view of the situation — I shall stick to the facts.

Let me start with the man who called this election, Boris Johnson. In early 2016 Johnson was approached by the team behind the ‘Leave EU’ campaign and asked to front it. Johnson turned down the offer saying, “The trouble is, I am not an ‘outer’”, before then going on to write in his Telegraph newspaper column, “Leaving would cause business uncertainty, while embroiling the Government for several years in a fiddly process of negotiating new arrangements, so diverting from the real problems of this country.”

Not long after making these statements, Johnson U-turned when he realised he had the opportunity to further his political career by taking on David Cameron.

Wind on nearly four years, and the self-proclaimed ‘Remainer’, is now asking the British public to vote for him at this General Election on the basis he will take the UK out of the EU. This is the same Johnson who recently said he would rather be, ‘dead in a ditch” than ask the EU for an extension to Brexit....but an extension is exactly what the self-proclaimed Remainer asked for.

The question is, does Johnson really want to deliver Brexit or is he just making it look as though he does? General Election or more a case of general deception?

Nigel Farage certainly doesn’t believe Johnson and the Conservatives are intent on delivering Brexit, so his Brexit Party is putting up 600 candidates to offer ‘Leavers’ the opportunity to vote for a party which will deliver Brexit come what may. The Brexit Party candidate on the IW is businessman, Peter Wiltshire.

Those wishing to vote for a party that wants to remain in the EU have the choice of either the Liberal Democrats or The Green Party.....although on the IW, the Liberal Democrats might not be putting forward a candidate — they don’t seem to be able to make up their minds.

Nationally, the Lib Dems have stated that if they win the election, they will revoke Article 50 without the public having a say in the matter — hardly very liberal or democratic, but following the result of the first referendum in 2016, they obviously don’t trust the public to make the ‘right’ democratic decision.

The Green Party is represented on the IW by Vix Lowthion, the only female candidate to have been announced, and as the IW is the only county in England to never have elected a female MP, then perhaps voters will take this opportunity to put this right.

Labour has only just chosen its candidate for the IW, which is something of a surprise as everyone has known a General Election is on the way.

Nationally, Labour is stating if it wins the election it will re-start negotiations with the EU from the very beginning, and will then hold a second referendum to see if the public back it, or would rather Remain after all. Although this is a more democratic process than the one offered by the Lib Dems, do the public want Brexit to be drawn out even further?

Foot note: East Cowes councillor, Karl Love has also stated that he intends to run in this election as an independent candidate.