INDEPENDENT Isle of Wight councillor Karl Love has said he will not bow to pressure to stand down in the forthcoming General Election.

He said a number of personal messages and online comments have put him under pressure to stand down after the Liberal Democrats agreed to step aside in favour of the Green Party.

He said: "I have sadly come under personal pressure to step down from the General Election campaign after receiving verbal, personal messages and other online comments.

"These comments have little to do with my politics and mostly have a single aim of wanting me to step aside and clear the way for their own political interests.

"My own personal vision is as important as the next person or any collective political party. Having choice is so very important within democracy.

"The pressure started in the lead up to the pact between the Lib Dems and the Green Party who want to limit choice and presume the right to represent our people in this election by their own concocted pacts based on historic election results.

"I will not be put down, as some have done online, for bringing something different to the table and wanting to do my very best for our Island people.

"I will not give way and submit unquestioningly to the ambitions of others who sweep choice and democracy out of the way.

"I have been told on so many occasions during my life that I would come to nothing and not succeed because of my dyslexia and abilities.

"I say that if you have the determination and can bring something positive, new, different and fresh to the table, never let others put you down or prevent you from doing what you know to be right and proper for yourself and your community.

"I am Karl, not a party, and whatever the outcome I will be a better person for trying in this election to make a difference to the Island we all love.

"I have many Liberal values and feel local Liberal Democrat’s have been let down by the formation of a nationally imposed Lib/Green pact imposed on Island people.

"Forming this pact is not a good day for democracy or respecting localism."