RYDE Mayor Michael Lilley is hosting a couple of special events to raise money and awareness of men's mental health.

On Saturday, November 16, he is putting on a comedy night with his son Ben — billed as Mayor and Son's Big Night Out.

His son is Ben of the Green, a Manchester-based comedian.

The event will be held at Monkton Arts Café and the pair will talk about the importance of humour in fighting internal demons.

It starts at 6.30pm.

On Friday, November 22, at Ryde Castle, Cllr Lilley is hosting a film night as part of men’s mental health month, with all monies raised going to Ryde Network (Ryde Town Council’s youth service) and IW Youth Trust, to support young men’s emotional well-being projects in the town.

There will be a special showing of the iconic film The Italian Job, to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Cllr Lilley will introduce the film and talk about his own struggle with depression and how seeing the film in Ryde in 1970 had a huge impact on him as a young man.

Mo Martin, sister of the late writer and creator of the film Troy Kennedy Martin, will talk about her memories of her brother making the film.

Th evening starts at 7pm.

Cllr Lilley said: "Ryde has the highest number of suicide attempts on the Island and as a town we need to own this issue and start to get talking, and more importantly get men and especially young men to start to chat.

"We have to blow the doors off the issue.

"We have to support people of all ages in need, but if we focus on the young we will prevent and reduce the misery of severe mental health problems in the future."

Clare Cannock, IW Youth Trust chief executive, said: "We would like to thank the Mayor of Ryde for his support. We are delighted to see his efforts championing the mental health of young people in Ryde.”

Tickets for both events are available from Ryde Town Council, Monkton Arts Cafe, Ryde Castle and No 64 Cross Street.