A SEAL has been spotted on Ventnor beach, with the public asked to vacate the area.

The beach has been closed to the public, and Ventnor Beach Safety have urged passers-by not to let dogs off leads.

All credit for photos to the Spyglass Inn and the Millbay.

UPDATE: Grumpy the Atlantic Grey Seal has come for a rest on Ventnor beach say the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) team.

The elderly seal, who is probably over 30 years old, was spotted in West Sussex yesterday but was getting a bit bothered so decided to come to take a break on the Island instead.

BDMLR have said Grumpy, a well-known seal to them, is fine — he just needs space on his mini-break.

Apparently Grumpy lives up to his name, as he will growl at anyone who approaches him — so the team are advising people not to go near him whilst he is around for the next day or two.

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