FOLLOWING a week of confusion the Liberal Democrats have stood aside in their bid for the Isle of Wight constituency ahead of the December 12 General Election.

The Green Party has confirmed that Lib Dem parliamentary candidate Nick Stuart has stood aside.

This follows the confusion on Monday where it wasn't clear if Nick Stuart was still running.

A spokesperson for the Green Party said: "As a result of an arrangement negotiated with input from local parties, the local Lib Dem candidate has stepped aside on the Isle of Wight.

"It means Vix Lowthion will run uncontested by another Remainer on December 12.

"The agreement – facilitated by the cross-party group Unite to Remain – provides a big boost to the Green Party candidate who has seen her support rise substantially over the last two elections."

Vix said: “I’m delighted people are uniting behind the campaign to elect a Green MP for the Isle of Wight.

"Brexit has been a shambles. It’s time to bring it to an end and move on to tackling other issues.

"I support a People’s Vote so the people can make the final decision and I will campaign for Remain.

“The big parties in Westminster have let us down. As Green MP I won’t be whipped and will be free to speak up for the best interests of the Island.

"Greens here have the best possible chance of winning the seat. We need more influence in Parliament to hold other parties to account and push for the really bold actions that are needed to make Britain fairer and tackle the climate crisis.

“That means protecting the countryside, fighting to keep local services on the Island and challenging ferry costs which are too high.

"Crucially it also means investing in green industries to provide jobs on the Island as well as improving our environment."

UPDATE: Island Liberal Democrats have confirmed that they are stepping aside for the Green Party.

Island Liberal Democrat party Chair, Anni Adams, said: “Brexit is a national crisis. This ground breaking agreement, facilitated by the Unite to Remain campaign group, will help to secure more Remain supporting MPs in the next Parliament.

“On the Island, that means that we have decided to stand aside for this General Election. Due to our broken voting system, both of us standing might split the significant Remain vote in our area.

"We are proud to be putting our country’s interest before our Party. We thank the Green Party and Plaid Cymru for their decision to stand aside in many Lib Dem target seats.

“It is deeply disappointing that Labour Remainers would not step up too, but they failed the test on backing a People’s Vote and they failed the test to build a new Remain Parliament.  They are still the Brexit party.”