A SHANKLIN resident has raised concerns after sewage was reported to be flowing out of a broken pipe near Osborne Road.

Southern Water was quick to act, installing a pump to redirect water to a nearby pumping station, but a Shanklin resident said the waste ­— overflowing from an open manhole cover ­— has been making its way down Osborne Steps.

"It's disgusting," said Barry James.

"What's happened is, the sewage pipe that runs down the cliff by Osborne Steps has been damaged by cliff movement.

"Southern Water has lifted the manhole cover on the pathway at the steps and installed a pumping machine, but it keeps stopping.

"I walk my dog that way often, and every time I've passed the pump, it hasn't been working and sewage has been flowing on to the pavement.

"They should be checking on it regularly. It's been two months since the pipe was damaged and there's toilet paper and faeces littering the pavement.

"In heavy rain, you could get the sewage washing into the streets."

In a statement, Southern Water said: "We sent crews out to investigate and carry out emergency repairs to a pump at Osborne Steps in Shanklin.

"As a result of damage caused to one of our pumps, wastewater reached the steps for a short period of time, but this was rectified and cleared immediately.

"Further investigations took place on Friday.

"This area was also unfortunately targeted by acts of vandalism, which caused damage to our fencing.

"Our overall work to repair the sewer at Osborne Steps, following damage caused by ground movements, started in early September and is continuing.

"Since then, we have been pumping wastewater flows to another site while we investigate the state of the cliff and the action we need to take.

"Of course, for health and safety reasons, our work on the cliff is weather dependent, but we do check the site every day, including at weekends."