DRUG use, indecent exposure and 'less desirable people' — the reasons why a town council want to install CCTV on its seafront.

Plans have been submitted to the Isle of Wight Council on behalf of East Cowes Town Council to install a CCTV mast on the Esplanade in front of the public toilets.

The camera, placed on a 4m high pole with anti-climb guards, next to a children's play area, will capture images of areas 'seen to be at risk' where there have been 'minor crime implications'.

Images will be monitored during working hours by the town council and by a company with links to the police after.

Following two public consultations, residents of East Cowes have supported the decision to install CCTV due to recent incidents that have occurred on the Esplanade.

Cllr Jane Rann, Mayor of East Cowes, said: "We have experienced cases of indecent exposure, drug use and vandalism to the public toilet.

"This is in an area that is frequented by parents and carers with young children who use the paddling pool, barbecue and play areas.

"At night, this is an isolated area and we have experienced fires being lit and the area surrounding the public toilet area being frequented by less desirable persons.

"The town council have a duty of care to residents and consider that CCTV will enable the public to feel safer.

"We originally requested the IW Council undertook this but they were unable to, due to cuts.”

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