ISLAND Labour has announced a candidate for the forthcoming General Election.

Richard Quigley moved to the Island 16 years ago and runs a business in Cowes, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

He said: "I am extremely proud to be representing the Labour Party on the Isle of Wight.

"This General Election provides Islanders, and the country as a whole, with a clearer choice than we have faced for many years."

"We have all seen how our beautiful Island and its people are suffering from the deliberate underfunding of public services.

"St Mary's services are being moved to the mainland, our schools are crying out for funding, council services for the elderly and vulnerable families have been cut time and time again.

"I believe a better society is possible. A vote for a Labour government would be a vote for change.

"Not only would we reverse the cuts made by the Tories to our Island's police and fire services, schools and NHS over the last decade, but we would go further.

"Our Green New Deal will create thousands of jobs while tackling climate change.

"Increasing the minimum wage and protecting employees from exploitation will address the problems of our Island's low-pay, low-security economy.

"Only a Labour government will address the key issue of our transport links to the mainland.

"As the Island's MP I will fight to make sure all Island schools get the resources they need to provide a first rate education for all our children.

"I will push for more joined up transport strategy, beginning with the ferries.

"I will make sure the Isle of Wight benefits from the increase in renewable energy generation under Labour's Green New Deal.

"Above all, I will fight to ensure our NHS gets the funding it needs to protect the health and wellbeing of everyone on this Island.

"Some politicians want to make this election all about Brexit. That may suit narrow party interests. But it is about so much more. It will define the future of our country.

"On December 12, I will proudly vote Labour to secure a better future for our Island and our country."

Mr Quigley has a background in engineering and logistics and has worked for a number of companies in the food production sector.

Mr Quigley is known as the owner Corries Cabin fish and chip shop in Cowes, and IEL catering.

He has been a governor at Northwood Primary School, and is a trustee of the Footprint Trust.

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