FIXED link campaigner and Island business owner Carl Feeney has shared his thoughts on standing as an MP in the forthcoming General Election.

Mr Feeney told the Fixed Link Campaign group on Facebook he is considering running as MP for the Isle of Wight.

Although known for campaigning for a fixed link, he expanded on his other stances, to gauge public opinion.

On the subject of the NHS, Mr Feeney proposed a plan that would see everyone required to undergo a yearly health 'MOT' or face losing access to the service.

Mr Feeney told the group: "Around 70 per cent of NHS resources are used by the over 65s.

"That’s fair enough, we are all going to get old if we’re lucky, but we must take care of ourselves and we must be responsible.

"Ten per cent of all NHS admissions are due to diabetes. Some suffer diabetes through no fault of their own, but certain types are due to the over indulgence of food and beverage with a lack of exercise.

"A suggestion perhaps would be to have each person in the UK have an annual MOT, a check up that will take around 20 minutes or so.

"Tests that will detect failures in health and give a chance for solutions before the problem becomes dire for the person and expensive for the NHS.

"So if the person takes heed of advice and follows the suggested lifestyle choices and the conditions have improved by the next annual test, this person then has free medical NHS healthcare for the following year.

"However, if this person ignores the medical advice, the person must take out an insurance to pay for NHS care if further required.

"This idea may sound harsh to some, but I believe solutions do need to be found, or with an increasingly elderly demographic, the NHS will ultimately crash.

"At the moment these are just ideas, I want to get the conversation going about other solutions."