VIX Lowthion, prospective parliamentary candidate for the Isle of Wight Green Party, made her third appearance on the BBC1 Sunday Politics Show at the weekend.

Wearing an Isle of Wight badge, Vix sat alongside Cllr Rosa Bolger (Labour, Oxfordshire) and Royston Smith MP (Conservative, Southampton) as the host Peter Henley led the live discussions on the big issues facing the region in the last seven days.

Vix and Mr Smith clashed on the issue of food banks, homelessness and cuts to local government spending.

She said “Yesterday I got an email from a constituent, begging me for help, naming Universal Credit saying they are concerned that the family will be out on the streets in December this year.

"It shouldn’t be them coming to me as a candidate – there should be full structures in place to provide and answer their questions.”

On the issue of Brexit, Cllr Bolger claimed “the Labour Party is the only party committed to putting Brexit back to the people” which was countered by Vix, who restated the Green Party policy to support a second referendum on the terms of the deal.

Vix said: “I’ve been preparing for a General Election for two years. I’m ready to ensure the Isle of Wight has a much stronger MP than we do.”

The host asked the Labour Councillor if they would stand aside and let the Green Party have a free run — something Isle of Wight Labour has said it will not do.

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