From Paul Simmonds, St Lawrence:

I AM writing in response to the article written by Louise Hill (CP, 25-10-19) regarding “58 per cent want road reopened” and related survey. 

There is a need to put things into perspective.

The survey carried out in the summer represents less than 0.5 per cent of the Island’s population, therefore, does not reflect the majority position and is being used as a propaganda tool of self interest led by Cllr Dave Stewart.  Ventnor Town Council voted not to support this madness; Ventnor Cllr Gary Peace disagrees with the plan.

Cllr Stewart keeps banging the drum about economic damage to businesses and tourism which is unadulterated fabrication.

Any damage is being caused by £9 million authority budget cuts over the last two years and continued austerity under a heartless Tory government he represents, so let’s get it right. 

He comments we need to be mindful of residents’ concerns.

The reality here is not all residents’ concerns are being taken into consideration or indeed economic ones. 

The simple truth is a hidden agenda to move a so-called influx of traffic away from Niton, where he happens to reside.

The whole Island suffers from an influx of traffic due to an ageing infrastructure that struggles to meet demand. 

You can have as many surveys, impact analysis and investigations as you like but the facts cannot and should not be ignored.

How many times do we need to remind ourselves the Undercliff Drive is acknowledged as the largest urban landslide complex in northern Europe, is prone to landslip and subsidence as evidenced historically and more recently with a mudslide in 2001 and major movement in 2014 following heavy rain. 

It is also a legally protected site of special scientific interest. 

We cannot continue to ignore that future landslips are inevitable. 

The risks are too high; any investment in reinstating the road would represent misappropriation of funds as well as councillors, led by Dave Stewart, reneging on their responsibilities to Island residents.