WE WERE amazed to spot not one, but two massive cranes at work on Sandown seafront.

Is the town getting ready for a renaissance?

The traditional delights of its High Street are still there. As we approached the end of the road, so did lunchtime — and we nipped into Muzza's Kitchen.

The headline dish is a full English breakfast for £3.50.

Even with the addition of tea and toast, it is still a competitive £4.95.

But Matt was eager to try the burger and Cat chose the hipster's favourite, avocado and scrambled egg on a toasted muffin.

The avocado was unsmashed, and Muzza's had hit that rare window when the avocado was just perfectly ripe.

With the addition of a bit of seasoning from the jolly character cruet, Cat's breakfast went down well, chased with a cup of Lavazza.

Matt's burger was good value, with optional cheese, cooked onion and crispy bacon. Alongside were chips, salad and relish.

It was hot, fresh and very satisfying.

If you'd been served this burger ten years ago, you'd have thought you'd won the jackpot — as it is, there are fancier burgers available these days, but not at this knockdown price.

As it was getting a bit gusty outside, we decided to hang around the cafe a bit longer.

Our host recommended the whisky and marmalade bread and butter pudding, and we had no hesitation in accepting his suggestion.

The comforting dessert was soft, warm and oozing a whisky-infused juice that smelled divine.

Our brunch afters was served with one vanilla and one bonus scoop of home-made, gooey dulce de leche ice cream — yes, home-made ice cream with Briddlesford milk is a feature of Muzza's that we can highly recommend.

As with many of the Island's coastal cafes, Muzza's benefits from its sheltered town centre location, rather than being subjected to the potential pitfalls of winter trade directly shoreside.

With plenty of regulars, drawn presumably not only by the first-name service, but also the reasonable prices and tidy environment, Muzza's Kitchen seems to have what it takes to survive.

The food is neither innovative nor adventurous but, on the other hand, is good wholesome fare served with genuine pride and care.

As an example of its genre, Muzza's Kitchen hits the mark.

Matt and Cat's bill

4oz bacon cheeseburger £5.65

Scrambled egg and avocado £5.25

Bread and butter pudding £3.75

Tea £1.50

Coffee £2.25

Total £18.40

Three stars: a decent place that we’d recommend.

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