PET owners can now choose the option of getting a CT scan for their pets on the Isle of Wight, rather than having to travel across the water.

The Mobile Vet, an independent veterinary practice, said it is the first Island vets to purchase and install a CT scanner.

Director, John Knight, said: “We always strive to push the boundaries of veterinary medicine, and by investing in the best equipment, we can provide the best care.

"This is not just for our patients. We are offering an outpatient CT scanning service to all Island pet owners, even if they are registered at other vets.”

The service will save pet owners having to travel to the mainland, avoiding wasting time and unnecessary expense.

Many pet insurance policies will cover the cost too.

The Mobile Vet has now extended the surgery opening hours with a new Saturday morning surgery, from 9am to 1pm for routine consultations.

To join the practice, or for further information on the CT scanning service, call the reception team on 212999 or register online at