THE GREEN Party's member of the European parliament will visit the Island next week (October 28) — to talk about her Green New Deal.

Alexandra Phillips, one of the 10 MEPs for the South East, will be at Quay Arts, in Newport, next Monday at 10am, launching a report and leading a panel event with speakers from Island businesses and chaired by Vix Lowthion, the Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate, on what a Green New Deal will do for the Island.

The Green New Deal is a 'radical' rethink of the economy, involving "a structural change of our agricultural system, a green industrial policy and set of inclusive social policies" and something Alex believes 'would force politicians to put power back to the people'.

She said: "Nothing like this has been done before, and we need to make sure the transition to a greener, fairer society leaves no one behind.

"The South East contains areas which could benefit most from a Green New Deal — which would see new job markets revitalise coastal communities while reducing inequality and increasing training opportunities.

"We urgently need a European Green New Deal to ensure a safe and sustainable future and well-being for all, across the planet and generations.”

Alex will tour the South East, starting in Lewes on Friday (October 25), travelling by a solar-powered bus.

Free tickets will be available on the door or you can reserve one here.

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