A HANDMADE lace tablecloth which took Lois Cooper ten years to make and the remarkable all-round skills of Gwen Harris were the highlights of Freshwater Horticultural Society's 57th Autumn show at Freshwater Methodist Church Hall.

Gwen's skills ensured she won the Ethel Bound cup for accumulating most points for floral art, cookery and handicraft for all three of the society's shows this year — for the 15th year.

Her Christmas basket of edible items also won a silver medal.

But even Gwen was put into the shade by Lois in the handicraft section. Her handmade lace tablecloth took a decade of graft and was awarded first prize and a certificate of merit.

Second place went to Geraldine Newberry, a new exhibitor, for her exquisitely embroidered cushion.

There were colourful displays of flowers, foliage and plants and high quality fruit and vegetables on show.

David Kempster's leeks won first prize — as did his enormous pumpkin.

The society's president, Brian Wilson, also won three cups in the vegetable section.

The quality and interpretation of the floral arts exhibits were exceptional. Book at Bedtime, created by Victoria Basill, won first prize and best single exhibit while Christine Plent took the Geer Cup for most points in the section.

Freya Oatley and Courtney Hall tied for first place in the children's section and bulbs were also given to all children with the hope they will produce flowers for the Spring Show.

Sheryl Coombes won the FHS Cup for most points in cookery classes while new exhibitor, Avril Collins, won first for her loaf of handmade bread.

Cups and certificates were presented by treasurer Geoff Harris and chairman Dawn Everest thanked everyone who helped to make the show possible.

RESULTS: T. Parry Cup, most points in show — G. Harris; Hubert Evans Memorial Cup, best single exhibit — V. Basill; FHS Cup, best exhibit in chrysanthemums, classes 1-4 — B. Everest; C. Baron Cup, most points in chrysanthemums, classes 1-4 — D. Everest; S.H. Evans Cup, class 23 collection of veg — B. Wilson; Saunders Challenge Cup, class 24, basket of veg — B. Wilson; G. Byatt Cup, most points in veg — B. Wilson; K. Geer Cup, most points in floral arts — C. Plent; FHS Cup for children — Freya Oatley and Courtney Hall; Ethel Bound Perpetual Challenge Cup — G. Harris; M Lickens Silver Bowl, most points in this year's three shows — G. Harris; Star Cup, best bloom — G. Harris; Freshwater Autumn Cookery Cup — C. Coombs.

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