AN ELDERLY woman who lived alone died several days before she was discovered by a neighbour, an inquest into her death heard.

Mary Corfield, 84, was discovered at her home at Tennyson Road, Cowes, on December 18 last year, after a neighbour noticed her bedroom window had been open and the lights left on for several days.

Isle of Wight Coroner Caroline Sumeray said: "Her neighbour had gone to check to see if she was ok and found her front door was unlocked.

"He opened the door and called out but, after a few minutes went by with no reply, he called the police.

Ms Corfield's body was found on the floor of her kitchen. On a table nearby was a discharge notice from St Mary's Hospital."

The court heard Ms Corfield was the eldest of seven children and worked for the BBC for before settling on the Isle of Wight.

Mrs Sumeray said: "Unfortunately, Mary was estranged from her family, some of whom now live in Australia.

"Ms Corfield died as a result of a mixture of self neglect and hypothermia. Sadly, it took several days for her to be discovered."

The coroner concluded Ms Corfield died as a result of cardiac failure, stemming from hypothermia.

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