BOMB disposal experts are on their way to Yaverland beach this morning after a suspected grenade was found on the sands.

UK Coastguard has tasked Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team to cordon off the beach and keep the public at bay while they await the Joint Service Explosive Ordnance Disposal team arrives from the mainland.

The local team has been on the beach since around 7.30am.

UPDATE 5pm: The grenade has now been detonated.

UPDATE 9pm: Bembridge Coastguard Rescue Team said: "It has been a long day for the team. We were called out just after 7am to a report of a hand grenade that had been found on the beach at Yaverland.

"The navy bomb disposal team were already out on another job so the team kept a safe exclusion zone until they arrived shortly after 4pm.

"The EOD team identified it as a Second World War Mills Grenade and destroyed it where it was found.

"The team stood down at 5.30pm."

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