THE Isle of Wight Coroner has paid tribute to a dedicated husband who struggled to cope as his wife fell prey to early onset dementia.

Barbara Creaser, 60, died at Inglefield Nursing and Residential Home, Totland, on May 5. She had fallen at home, then admitted to the home following a hospital stay.

Speaking at an inquest into her death, husband John Creaser, of Hamilton Road, Ryde, said she would get up in the night and sleep on the sofa — calling out to him as many as 20 times a night.

On December 1, she fell off the sofa and fractured her hip.

Speaking about her dementia, he tearfully told the court: "It initially started with her vision. She kept making little mistakes, so we took her to the doctor and they caught it.

"They found it was affecting the back of her brain. She would have trouble navigating new rooms and would become upset or confused easily.

"If she went in the garden, she would get lost. One time a neighbour had to help her back inside again."

Inglefield manager Alison Grey said Mr Creaser visited his wife every day.

"He would often sleep in the armchair at the foot of her bed, brush her hair or just sit and listen to audiobooks with her."

Mr Creaser said: "Barb was born on the Isle of Wight and lived her whole life here, along with her brothers.

"She had a number of jobs but was primarily employed as a care worker.

"The day before she died, I took her mother and granddaughters to see her.

"That was the last time I saw her alive."

Coroner Caroline Sumeray concluded Mrs Creaser died as a result of complications following an accident, brought on by early onset dementia.

She said: "Barbara was a lady of only 60 who suffered with a rare and very distressing form of dementia.

"I pay tribute to her husband, who was so dedicated throughout all of this, and my heart breaks for him."

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