A WARNING has been issued following reports of salespeople forcing their way into elderly people's homes and bullying them into signing up to allegedly cheaper energy providers.

Isle of Wight Trading Standards said it had received 'worrying reports' about such incidents on the Island.

A spokesperson said: "They will try to obtain bank details and be very pushy and refuse to leave.

"Under Ofgem rules, energy companies have a code of conduct to operate within and these callers are not adhering to these rules.

"Do not let anyone you don’t know into your home.

"We would advise against trading on the doorstep for anything and if they are refusing to leave and behaving in an intimidating manner call the police.

"Please also be aware of scammers ability to hack or clone Facebook accounts. If you receive a message from a friend discussing any kind of financial issue be very suspicious — this is likely to be a scammer who has hacked or cloned your friend's Facebook account and is using it to persuade you to carry out a financial transaction.

"These can take many different forms so please treat any message that talks about money with suspicion and if in doubt call your friend to see if it is really them.

"Scammers are incredibly sophisticated and by pretending to be our friends they can convince us to do things we might otherwise question."

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