FURTHER details have been released about tonight's (Thursday) episode of Inside Prison: Britain Behind Bars, featuring HMP Isle of Wight.

The prison is one of several featured in the ITV series. A documentary crew has been filming in prisons across the UK, detailing the lives of prisoners and staff.

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There are more than 1,000 prisoners at HMP Isle of Wight — 98 per cent of whom are sex offenders.

Its annual report, published in August, showed an increase in violence and self-harm, with concerns raised about elderly and disabled prisoners.

In tonight's episode, search team officer Jamie is leading the hunt for contraband at the Isle of Wight prison.

The officers are specially trained to deal with the challenges presented by a prison population comprising almost exclusively sex offenders, and finding mobile phones is a top priority.

Jamie said: “The importance of the phone here is huge because of the victim, the knock-on effect.

"If that prisoner has a level one restriction against them, they can’t make contact with anyone under the age of 18. It [the phone] allows them to be talking to people they shouldn’t be talking to.”

The team have a tip off that one of the inmates has a phone. Because they are acting on intelligence, they can go beyond a normal search.

“He’ll get a full strip,” said Jamie.

“You've do what you've got to do."

As the search continues, Jamie picks up extremely serious intelligence from a prisoner — that a memory stick containing illegal content is doing the rounds on the wing.

He said: “That stick, in this environment, is massive. But it’s probably the size of your thumb, and as you can see, C-Wing is huge."

Phones and USB are just some of the contraband the team has been trained to root out.

The number of drugs seized inside prisons has risen by 300 per cent since 2010. Two-thirds of prisoners in Britain received treatment for drug and alcohol problems last year alone and nearly a billion pounds has been spent trying to get offenders off drugs.

The show will be screened at 9pm.