Island wildlife photographer Nick Edwards has been busy photographing some big birds of prey this week, with outstanding results.

He snapped two of the white-tailed sea eagles on the Island coast and said it was fascinating to watch these juvenile birds at play

Although the imagery is great, Nick pointed out that the distances involved meant even his long lenses could not produce the kind of quality he would normally look for.

Nick said: "The eagles playing with a stick (also carrying fore and aft) is interesting is perhaps readying them for the time (still two or more years away?) when they’ll catch their own fish.

"They went through the whole gamut of play that afternoon, from talons-down playfights together, to telling their entourage of mobbing birds (including tiny looking buzzards and a peregrine falcon) who is really the boss.

"The osprey is one of two juveniles who have been on the Island, not just at Newtown, since September 10, to my knowledge.

"At least one has been seen attempting to fish in inland farm reservoirs too.

"They will soon be continuing their migration to Africa. Interesting to see that they carry a fish fore-and-aft to aid streamlining."