GOLDEN retrievers bounded along Ventnor beach on Sunday — at a party to celebrate the end of the summer dog ban.

The resplendent retrievers took to the beach on the first Sunday of October as they do every year, when they are allowed back on the sands.

Organiser Steve Stevens said: "The event has been happening for the last nine years now, and gets bigger every year.

"This year we counted as many as 40 golden retrievers, which is the most we have ever had.

"The weather was particularly benevolent this year fortunately.

"All the cafes and restaurants on the seafront benefit and look forward to the event."

The event started when a golden retriever owner ended up with a litter of puppies, and when the puppies went to new homes, they would all bump into each other on Ventnor beach.

A regular meet was arranged.

Now, Steve sends out reminders to all the known golden retriever owners, and there is also a dedicated facebook page for them.

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