VENTNOR author and Mountbatten's spiritual care lead, Rosie Deedes, has had her first book published.

Into the Depths, issued by Sacristy Press, is based on Rosie’s 20-year experience of chaplaincy work at the hospice, within the Isle of Wight prison system, and in two women’s prisons.

Rosie hopes the book will help people to face the taboo of death, removing some of the fears that surround it, as it seeks to encourage people to think about their mortality and to be more open about dying.

The book also aims to help those who provide pastoral support to people who are dying by sharing practical advice about how to stay resilient.

Individuals in these kinds of roles do not always have the training or experience in dealing with death, and Rosie hopes her book will give chaplains and caregivers a better understanding of their duty.

Rosie said: “In accompanying people to the point of death, and in supporting those who have been bereaved in a hospice and prisons, I have learned the healing act of listening.

“It is an art and a skill to listen with compassion, kindness, without judgement or a desire to problem-solve. I hope that my reflections on attentive listening will help others to develop this gift for themselves.”

Rosie has learnt, through her work, the importance of not avoiding this subject.

The stories of people she has met in her chaplaincy roles are shared with honesty and compassion, giving a voice to those who would otherwise not be heard.

Although the subject is death and dying, this is ultimately a life-affirming book.

Rosie hopes that it will help anyone facing death — which means all of us sooner or later — to think about important issues that can lead to a happier life.

Into the Depths is available to purchase on Amazon or