A RECORD-BREAKING sportswoman and adventurer from the Isle of Wight has died at the age of 59, after battling cancer for more than six years.

Sarah Younger's husband, Adam, has spoken to the County Press following her death at the Mountbatten Hospice last month and paid tribute to his 'inspiring and passionate' wife.

Sarah, whose maiden name was Fenwick, drew acclaim for her abundance of notable exploits, including setting paragliding world records, prospering in her career as a sports psychologist and business coach, giving a TEDx Talk on how to prepare for success, and receiving numerous medals for sporting excellence.

Adam said: “To say Sarah was inspiring and passionate is an understatement. A superlative sports psychologist and executive coach, her inspiration will live on with me.

“Sarah had a great love for flying and what she achieved for paragliding was awe-inspiring — this was alongside her medals from World and European Championships.

“Sarah had also competed and won events in other sports such as equestrianism, triathlon and sailing."

In addition to her many accolades, Sarah presented a TEDx Talk in 2012, where she described overcoming the challenges of breaking a world paragliding record and the planning and preparation that went into it.

After first undergoing chemotherapy in 2013, she challenged herself to try new pursuits such as fire walking and wing walking — but always had time for her friends.

Sarah retrained as a sports psychologist and then business coach, having previously run an equestrian school in France and backpacked around Africa.

She gained first class honours in sport and exercise psychology and joint honours in psychology and sports science, but her desire to improve further took her to training provider Meyler Campbell, where she graduated in 2006.

Co-founder Anne Scoular said: “She was already an experienced leadership coach and chartered sports psychologist but, typically, put herself through a bespoke programme to raise her game further and coach executives at the very top. She wanted to make a significant difference.

"Focused on working with chief executives who were leading their organisations to be ethically or environmentally aware, she was ahead of her time.”

Sarah found happiness with husband Adam, who also loved travel and new experiences. They lived in Hamstead Road, near Yarmouth.

More than 200 friends and family attended her funeral, held at the Isle of Wight Crematorium on September 26, where the readings were chosen by Sarah herself — including the poignant Slow Dance by David Weatherford, imploring people to ‘hear the music before your song is over.’

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