ISLE of Wight Donkey Sanctuary's oldest miniature donkey, Seamus, has died.

A spokesperson for Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary said: "We are devastated to announce that our oldest miniature donkey, Seamus, passed peacefully away Thursday evening.

"Seamus was a grand old man who looked after his harem of miniature donkeys ­— Felicity, Angelica, Geraldine and Bella.

"They were with him at his passing.

"For many years, Seamus had suffered from very acute laminitis which rendered him lame and almost unable to walk.

"As early as 2016, we thought we would lose him, but the care and dedication of our staff, vets and volunteers gave him four more years of happiness in which he loved being the centre of attention.

"He was a brave little man, who lived stoically and courageously with his condition.

"Seamus loved his food, loved people, and was kind and gentle to everybody he met.

"He was a particular favourite of young children for whom his miniature size made him a natural adoption donkey.

"Seamus, it was a privilege to know you.

"You may have been a little donkey, but you had a big heart and your attitude in the face of adversity was an example to us all."