From Lynette True, Cranmore:

You may have seen on the way out of Hamstead Road as you head towards civilisation, our beautiful Japanese Akita dog.

The breed is a delight but can be unpredictable and they require exercise befitting an eight stone dog which is why I take him off the lead around our lanes at 4am each day when you are all still asleep.

He has a preference to do what dogs do in or on anything that takes his fancy, albeit in a ditch or on a tree stump.

He did once reverse onto a bucket left outside a property which was one of his funniest yet mortifying things I have ever seen, however, I digress.

I will always clean up after him but occasionally he will catch a scent of a night creature and enter a property if the gate isn’t closed.

It is not in my nature to trespass but as the alternative is an unsuspecting househoulder finding their garden gnome with an added extra on his hat I will follow him. 

So should you wake and see an eerie green light (his luminous collar) or hear my footsteps tiptoeing on your gravel drive please don’t be alarmed and reach for the blunderbuss, it is only us.