From Hazel Wyld, Freshwater:

I AM the parent of a daughter with special needs — congenital brain damage her actual diagnosis.

I was her sole carer for 51 years but two years ago this week, I suffered a stroke which left me paralysed on my left side and in wheelchair, this meant of course that I could not continue to care for Jacqueline, a bitter blow.

However, I was fortunate enough secure her a home in a wonderful care home, Kingston Farm in East Cowes.

The small group of clients live as they would if at home, with activities and wonderful care by loving and committed staff.

I was able to relax and know my daughter’s future was secure and I need no longer worry about what would she do if I died, a constant fear of mine.

Most mothers will identify with this fear, motherhood doth make cowards of us all, we all share this anxiety when we have young dependent children.

Reading your article about Ryde House and its dispute with IW Council struck fear into my heart and I am sure into the hearts of all parents who believed their looked-after children’s future was secure as possible, especially as in this case they have been residents for many years.

The future of 13 adult special needs clients hangs in the balance.

I would urge IW Council to put humanity before funding.

We all have duty of care to those less fortunate than ourselves but even though my daughter is not as yet affected who knows where the axe falls next.

Let us all stand up and be counted saying this is wrong

We all have read horror stories of elderly people moved from care homes where they have lived happily for many they come for the disabled.