THE prospect of a fixed link — and other IW transport issues — was raised by Island MP Bob Seely with transport minister, Chris Heaton-Harris, during his recent visit.

During the minister’s visit to the Island ­— to announce the £26 million investment in the Island’s railway ­— Mr Seely took the opportunity to discuss other issues such as the ferries, a fixed link, Undercliff Drive, the Island’s cycle network and the extending of the Island’s railway.

“I would like to thank the minister for coming to visit the Island and agreeing to give us £26m to keep our railway open," Mr Seely said.

“I raised a number of other transport-related issues that the minister and his department may be able to help us with, and I look forward to having further meetings and correspondence with him to take these issues forward.

“I hope this is the start of many more improvements to our transport links on the Island.”

During the meeting, Mr Seely raised the issue of a fixed link and sought the Department for Transport’s views on the viability of the proposal.

He also spoke to the minister about options to improve cross-Solent travel services and discussed the viability of extending the Island’s railway network ­— both electric and steam.

The minister agreed to ask the Department for Transport to look into the issues raised.

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