A KEBAB house has had its licence tightened up after police raised concerns about a spate of violent incidents — including staff attacking customers.

Alleged incidents at Ryde Kebab House, detailed at a licensing meeting today (Friday), include staff 'kicking and stamping' on customers, and one incident in which a rolling pin was used.

Staff said they had been provoked by customers who had racially abused them, or had acted in self-defence.

Police agreed some of the violent incidents could be attributed to 'the actions of drunken customers,' but said a 'sustained pattern' of staff assaulting customers had emerged.

It was also reported the High Street takeaway had breached the hours of its licence by staying open later than it should.

Police asked the Isle of Wight Council to revoke the takeaway's licence, raising concerns about public safety, crime and disorder.

However, at today's meeting of the licensing sub-committee, members instead opted to modify the conditions of the licence.

The meeting was closed to the press and public while some of the allegations were discussed.

Licensing officer Claire Thomas said the committee had heard evidence members of the public had been put at risk.

"The main area of concern is the way issues have been dealt with in a violent manner," she said.

The owners of Ryde Kebab House said steps were being taken to improve safety by having a licensed door supervisor.

The committee modified the licence to include updated CCTV procedures — ensuring the cameras were on at all times the takeaway was open, that the correct time and date was displayed and every public entrance and exit was clearly visible — and ensure at least one security guard was present after 11pm.

Licence holder Seyit Cal said: "My family and I are very pleased the councillors hearing today’s application carefully considered the evidence presented to them regarding the very challenging circumstances in which late night businesses operate.

"We fully accept and respect the decision of the committee to slightly modify the existing conditions of our licence.

"We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal customers for many years to come."