IT'S time to celebrate all the things that help us feel happy ­­— the Isle of Wight Festival of the Mind returns.

The event will take place on Sunday, October 6, at The Riverside Centre, Newport, from 11am until 4pm.

Brought to you by non-profit organisation, Wight to be Happy, the aim of the festival is to bring people together to talk about what makes them feel happy ­— to try out new activities for free, and discover a new sense of wellbeing and happiness.

The event is free, and offers a wide array of performances, stalls and workshops.

Workshops include managing difficult emotions, building strength in a challenging world, tai chi, gong baths and drumming, hypnosis relaxation and singing for wellbeing.

Visitors can drop in and speak to people from the Good Mental Health Co-operative’s Human Library, try out some simple sewing or film with Sassy’s Patchwork Film Project.

There's also the opportunity to try a mini massage.

There will also be a room dedicated to volunteering, where visitors can find out about opportunities to help others.

Those who like being outdoors can speak to the Natureworks team, or someone from the Isle of Wight Outdoor Swimming Group.

Sandy Ciccognani, director at Wight to Be Happy, said: “It’s so important to find the time to do things that make you happy.

"Stop and think about the last time you laughed, or felt a wave of happiness come over you.

"If it wasn’t in the last week, then perhaps it’s time you looked for something new in your life.

“We want to raise awareness that everyone can experience times of good and bad mental health.

"It is something that can and does fluctuate over time. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, and the more we talk about it, the better for everyone."