PEOPLE taking part in Isle of Wight Day beach cleans tomorrow have been urged to take care — after a huge pile of broken glass was found at Bembridge beach.

Paddleboarder Lin Stibbards spent more than an hour picking up hundreds of dangerous shards from broken bottles, which she was horrified to discover on the beach off Embankment Road.

She said: "As I walked past, I noticed all this glass glistening. There were loads of different bits of jagged glass.

"We stopped people with their dogs and warned them to keep clear of it."

Beach cleans are taking place across the Island tomorrow (Saturday) as part of the Isle of Wight Day celebrations. Islanders are set to head to the shore to clean up the coastline.

Lin said: "I felt absolutely disgusted seeing this. Everybody should be coming down here and cleaning up the beach.

"If people can take barbecues and food and bottles down to the beach, they can take all that stuff away with them again too."

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