HAVE you ever played human table football?

There are a host of events taking place as part of Isle of Wight Day tomorrow (Saturday), including a human table football match at Carisbrooke Castle.

Admission to the castle is just £1.

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For newcomers to the sport, human table football is an eight-minute, five-a-side game where players take to the rails of a lifesize table pitch — holding onto the bar and sliding from side to side as they pass, shoot and hopefully score.

A team from RPL Construction, complete with their 80s style mullets, have already started training for the Isle of Wight Day Cup, as this video shows.

Five-a-side teams of all ages and abilities are still welcome to sign up and play.

Either register your team online at www.isleofwightday.com or just turn up on the day and pay £3 per person, per game.

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