ISLE of Wight environmental charity Gift to Nature hosted their annual Brading Faerie Festival and Wood Fair on Sunday, September 15.

Several hundred people flocked to the event in costume for the fundraiser — set in the pretty wooded former chalk pit known as Bulleys — deep in Brading Down.

The festival was attended by people of various ages and backgrounds, who visited to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and enter into the free-spirited ambience of the occasion.

Revellers were treated to a range of the lsland’s most prominent folk musicians, with various food available for the throng, who were bathed in glorious September sunshine.

Chief executive of the charity, Graham Biss, was delighted with the turnout, he said: “It’s a privilege to be able to create wonderful memories for people at the sites our team work so hard to maintain.

“Events like these really help people to engage with the local countryside, and value these important public assets.

“We are lucky to have so many volunteers to help us put on fun activities like the Faerie Festival and Wood Fair, grateful for all of the support from local businesses and the extremely talented artists and musicians who gave of their time.”

Gift to Nature will be holding their next event in Spring 2020, showcasing the planned improvements at Golden Hill County Park.

For information on how to get involved with future Gift to Nature projects, visit the charity’s website or call 296244.