CAR crash victim, Becky Wall, is making significant progress in her recovery — her family has said.

Becky, 28, was left in a coma after her car collided with a BMW on Briddlesford Road on June 27.

Three months on, Becky is walking, talking, and beginning to show glimpses of her former self — although the family said it does seem like she currently has the mental age of a ten year old.

Her family released an update on their Facebook page, which has raised more than £12,000 to support Becky and her daughter Leyana.

They said: "We have had a busy month. Becky has finally had the pelvic frame removed, which has led to Becky's movement and physical rehabilitation coming on leaps and bounds.

"While she may tire quickly, Becky has exhibited confident walking, albeit a little wobbly at times, and has complete movement of her arms and legs, though her left side is slightly weaker than the right.

"Becky doesn't like physio too much, but enjoys a walk to the garden and playing on the Wii.

"Becky is fully talking now, and can hold a perfectly good conversation, but the only way I can describe her is as if she has the mental age of a ten year old. We are told this is normal.

"Becky's memory is still all over the place ­— she gets confused very easily, and has almost no short term memory.

"If you visit her and leave you could come back 15 minutes and she would be surprised and happy to see you."

While initial thoughts were to refer Becky to Oxford or London for rehabilitation, Becky's progress is such that she is now on a waiting list for a less intensive rehabilitation centre.

The family has thanked all the businesses, individuals, friends, family and strangers who have helped make the past three months as bearable as possible.

On Saturday, October 5, The Stag Inn, Newport, will host a fundraising quiz night with food and prizes.


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