AN EXTRAORDINARY meeting will be held to discuss the St Mary's Roundabout works — after a group of Isle of Wight Councillors called for the works to be postponed.

The extraordinary full council meeting will be held at 5pm next Wednesday, September 25, called by Cllr Geoff Brodie with the support of Cllrs Julie Jones-Evans, Andrew Garratt, Paul Fuller, Michael Lilley and Karl Love.

They believe the work should be postponed until after the traffic issues at Coppins Bridge are addressed.

Work on the major scheme, to replace the roundabout with traffic light junctions, is due to start on September 30.

Cllr Brodie said: "I organised support for the meeting because we all feel strongly there should be a public record of those Isle of Wight Councillors who oppose these highly disruptive works being undertaken until the problems at Coppins Bridge are addressed and subsequent benefits evaluated.

"So far it has been only cabinet decision-making and the scheme that has been agreed for St Mary's junction is entirely different to the one consulted upon nearly a year ago."

Cllr Jones-Evans has proposed a motion for the council to abandon the works at St Mary's Roundabout until works at Coppins Bridge are completed.