A MUSICIAN raised on the Isle of Wight released her new single yesterday.

Jazzy Heath, who studied at Newport’s Platform One music college until 2015, unveiled her new track — I Found Love in Tokyo — through Spotify, Soundcloud and her own website, with inspiration in bountiful supply, courtesy of her migration from Cheltenham to the dazzling lights of Tokyo earlier this year.

Jazzy flew the coop with the intention of gaining new experiences as a performer, in addition to augmenting her burgeoning reputation as a producer.

She said: “I studied commercial music at Cheltenham University, where everything seemed to blossom.

“My time at Platform One was invaluable, there I learnt about performance, promotion and, more importantly, how to channel fluctuating emotions into music.

“This is the third of four singles I’m releasing before my upcoming album, with a few different influences guiding me along the way.

“I know that's super broad, but while making this album I spent six months in a purple ambulance — that I had previously spent years refurbishing as a space to write — making music every day without consciously trying to sound like anything.”

Jazzy, 22, spent the next few years carving out a reputation as an indie-pop fixture on the Isle of Wight music scene, featuring most prominently at various summer festivals, and making sporadic television appearances, notably on CBBC’s Friday Night Download.

Jazzy has previously cited being influenced by Adam Young, better known as Owl City, with her upcoming album hinting at homage to the American synth-pop star.

To stay up to date with Jazzy’s progress in Japan, and to purchase I Found Love in Tokyo, visit her website jazzyheathmusic.com/music/

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