AT BRADING Train Station this morning (Monday), there was an announcement of significant investment into the Isle of Wight railway and trains.

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The future of Island Line was secured with a £26 million investment in new trains and track improvements, with the government's rail minister Chris Heaton-Harris visiting the Island and experiencing first hand the rickety train journey from Ryde Pier to Brading.

"What this means is £26 million pounds worth of investment in rolling stock, and improving the rail as well," he said.

"It means new trains that are going to have wifi, and plugs at seats, and a slightly different configuration of service available.

"It's good for commuters, going to work, and it's fantastic for tourists coming the other way.

"While it might be quaint to get on the older rolling stock, I think in modern day Britain, other things are expected.

"I hope this will help to bring more tourists to the Island."

There will also be a huge upcoming investment in Ryde Pier.

Mr Heaton Harris said: "With an extra £25 million that Network Rail are putting in to work there, there's a further bid for a lot more, which the Local Economic Partnership is working on."

Adrian Shooter, chief executive officer of Vivarail, tasked with constructing the new stock, said: "What we're actually providing is a new train.

"Yes, we're re-using the aluminium body shell from the D-78 stock from London underground, but every single thing inside will be brand new. The first one is due to be here next summer."

Island MP Bob Seely, said: "It's incredibly good news, because it secures the future of the Island's railway line.

"In practical terms, it means a half hour service ­— it means new trains, a better ride, and a more regular service.

"It's an important victory, but the next steps are to work together to get the Steam Railway into Ryde St Johns, working with South Western Railway.

"I also want a viability study in the next few years into extending the railway into Ventnor, and I want to see what the options are about having a rail route of some kind from Ryde through to Newport.

Isle of Wight Council leader, Cllr Dave Stewart, said: "It's a fantastic result. To see that this line is now being sustained, and people will be able to commute properly, in trains that are rather more suitable ­— I think it's great news for the Island."

Speaking of the prospect of a route into Newport and Ventnor, Cllr Stewart said: "Newport's a bit of a more innovative approach, but why wouldn't we explore that?

"If we can reduce that pressure on the Newport roundabout, you're suddenly dealing with much better infrastructure."

Speaking of Ryde Pier investment, he said: "People arrive on the Isle of Wight, and the first thing they see is Ryde Pier.

"We want them to go 'wow, is the whole Island like this?' ­— we want to give them an experience.

"Why would you not invest in the pier, when you're investing in the train and the Esplanade.

"Great for tourism, great for the Island, and great if we can get some of that money out of the government and get it into the Island."