ALTHOUGH the 2019 British offshore powerboat racing season drew to a close at Cowes a few weeks ago, the sport’s governing body have added another event off the West Wight later this month.

Under the auspices of the UK Offshore Powerboat Association, a ‘speed weekend’ will be held at Yarmouth over September 28-29.

The event, organised by the Classic Offshore Powerboat Club, aims to feature timed runs for licensed competitors.

Boats that took the podium during the 2019 season, across its five classes, are eligible to challenge for a recognised record, while others compete for a performance certificate.

The Isle of Wight's Frankie Rose has entered Vintage Torque — expected to be one of the event’s quickest boats.

The course will be to the east of Yarmouth Pier, with speeds averaged over a two-way run.

Expected to breeze past 100mph will be the 2019 Cowes-Torquay-Cowes race winner, Silverline Bullet, crewed by Drew Langdon and Miles Jennings, who averaged 92.87mph.

Spectators can watch from Bouldnor on both days between 9am and 6pm.