MORE Red Jets have been cancelled this afternoon.

A 'technical issue' has been cited by Red Funnel, which has cancelled three sailings today.

The Cowes to Southampton 2.15pm, Southampton to Cowes 3.15pm and the Cowes to Southampton 3.45pm failed to run.

The service status shows the sailings for the rest of the afternoon are expected to sail as planned.

However, the service was beset with problems for most of yesterday, with repeated delays and cancellations.

UPDATE 6.20pm: Red Jet Service has returned to timetable. 

UPDATE 7pm: Red Funnel spoke too soon. Southampton to West Cowes Red Jet at 18:45 is now cancelled due to a technical issue.

UPDATE 7.30pm: West Cowes to Southampton Red Jet at 19:15 cancelled due to technical issue. 

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