EVERY secondary school on the Isle of Wight has been gifted four copies of Greta Thunberg’s book No One is Too Small to Make a Difference.

Climate campaigner Julie Hutchison, of Ventnor, delivered the books on Thursday.

She had been given a donation of 20 tote bags emblazoned with the words Power to the Peaceful and was asked to do some good with them.

She sold them at Rhythmtree Festival to raise money to get the books into the schools.

Julie said: "My husband had bought me a copy of Greta Thunberg's book for my birthday.

"I’ve always been in awe at what Greta has achieved, in a year she has started the school strike movement which has now gone global.

"I’ve asked that the books be put in the school libraries so the children can read Greta’s thoughts and feelings, and hopefully be inspired by her to act.

"The climate and ecological crisis we now face is extremely worrying.

"A recent study said that 85 per cent of people are worried about the climate crisis.

"In the letter I gave to the schools to accompany the books, I explained why I have done this, for my own children.

"I want them to have a great future. They changed my life for the better the moment they were born, and I want to do everything I can for them.

"I am so pleased the Isle of Wight now has a youth movement, Fridays for Future Isle of Wight."

A general strike has been called by Greta on September 20, and an IW one will happen at St Thomas’ Square in Newport at 11am.

Julie said: "Many children are suffering with climate anxiety and I feel children should be heard."

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