NEW parking regulations are to be introduced in Union Street, Ryde — to stop people parking there all day.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said: "It had been identified that some motorists were using Union Street for long-term parking by moving their vehicle each hour to a different parking zone within the road.

"Under the new arrangements, which come into effect from September 20, a single parking zone will cover the full length of Union Street, meaning vehicles will have to leave after one hour and park elsewhere."

The council said shops and businesses would benefit from the new regulations as they would free-up parking bays for shoppers and visitors.

Cllr Ian Ward, cabinet member for infrastructure and transport, said: “Across the country, one of the reasons some town centres are struggling is the difficulty of parking.

“The new regulations, which apply seven days a week, will ensure there is a regular turnover of parking bays in Union Street and encourage people to shop local.”

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