MP BOB Seely has called on the Isle of Wight Council for assurances new housing developments will not be harmful to marine life.

The MP has written to the council asking for information about a process called eutrophication — where the biodiversity of water sources and the coast is damaged by the introduction of chemicals from building projects.

Mr Seely said: “We must protect the wildlife we have in the Solent. Currently, the dense mats of green algae are negatively impacting on the Solent’s protected habitats and bird species and house building is contributing to this.

“We must take action to ensure that our eco-systems are not threatened by over-development.

"As they will be if the current Island Plan which envisages 9,600 new homes, is approved."

Mr Seely said planning permission for developments near key water sources should be denied, and called on the council to review the use of chemicals that could affect the ecology of of the Island's waterways.