ISLE of Wight artist Maria Ward will showcase her work at Quarr Abbey this month.

From September 12, visitors can enjoy Maria's exhibition, Holiday Island ­— her first since her solo exhibition at the Quay Arts Centre in 2005.

Maria has been painting the Isle of Wight and its people for the last 25 years, and always aims to add a bit of fun to her work, capturing the life and humour of the seaside as well as the stormy grey days with wild waves.

Maria's work is predominately produced using a fineliner or dip pen, coloured through the use of artist grade watercolours and a sable brush.

She likes to work primarily on location for composition, believing her methods make her pictures more dynamic ­— granting a better sense of place, sketching people and activities as they happen all around her.

As someone who loves the water, walking and cycling, her hobbies have taken her to almost every location on the Island.

Maria enjoys capturing the unique essence of each place, and its people, in her work.

The exhibition runs from September 12 to 17, and is shared with Island photographer, Ian Moody.

Doors are open from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

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