THE Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary will be holding its annual fundraising event, A Day at the Races, on Sunday, September 15.

The event has grown in popularity since its inception and provides crucial funds for the sanctuary during the winter months, when visitor numbers are fewer and donations harder to come by.

The day has a host of family activities, including fun races for adults and children on the main show field, with events such as a carrot and spoon race, real wheelbarrow race, straw bale stacking, and donkey space-hopper races.

Red Funnel personality, Dancing Jim, will be in attendance, with a competition held in his honour; The Dancing Jim obstacle course will see visitors try to get a wheelbarrow around a course using his trademark dance moves.

The 94 donkeys who live at the sanctuary will be in attendance, with grooming sessions running through the morning and afternoon.

In addition, there will be opportunities for visitors to take Shetland ponies around a small obstacle course, popping over small jumps and weaving through cones.

The day’s culminating activity is a donkey race to the food, with a tongue in cheek form guide that can be found on the sanctuary website and Facebook page.

Local companies enter the spirit of fundraising by sponsoring individual donkeys for the event.

There will be more than 30 stalls selling food and various items.